What our Clients are saying…

“From homeowner panic to remodel-awe: My god-given luck finding Laurel Ridge Construction took me from anxiety and sleepless nights into home-interior beauty, UNDER-budget perfectionism, and the kind of honesty and personal attention I didn’t believe existed any more. ALL of that is what I got from Laurel Ridge Construction.

I moved to Blowing Rock from 1,000 miles away, inheriting a house that needed a major overhaul. But I knew not one person here! How would I ever find someone to do so much work beautifully and give me the professionalism I wanted and high-level business ethics to go with it? Oh, the sleep I lost worrying about this.

Then I got a great idea. I would find the most successful realtors in the area and ask them not only who would they recommend for this work, but who do THEY use for their own remodeling, knowing how much a home’s value is determined by the company that does it.

Amazingly, they all recommended the same person: Steve Marchese of Laurel Ridge Construction! Was that a sign? It was good enough for me!

From the first moment I spoke with Steve, I knew I’d found gold. 

Laurel Ridge Construction and its top-of-the-line honest and super-talented team took my vision and turned it into a reality that exceeded my dreams. Steve is a HANDS-ON contractor. That’s rare today. He has old-school work ethic. He calls and checks in every day. Returned every call same day. He personally inspected every bit of work. His standard of work performance? Perfection and nothing short of it.

He uses his vast network of product providers to get the most gorgeous items at the best prices, even though, had the items cost more, HE would benefit. The only person HE wants to benefit is his client. I later learned that all of his prior clients adore him as do all the providers he works with. Everyone loves this guy. Three reasons: ethics, workmanship and heart-to-heart care about clients happiness. He has even come by after the job is done and personally put touches here and there–NO COST–just to make things a little more perfect.

Hire Laurel Ridge once and never again will you work with anyone else. Everything is ON SCHEDULE, ON BUDGET, DONE RIGHT and always client first. 

BEST OF ALL: When he gives and estimate, if it goes over, HE pays the overage! If it goes under–ready for this? YOU GET A REFUND. Find another contractor like THAT? You won’t. 

I threw an open house to show off my GORGEOUS remodel, and literally EVERY single person who saw it, wanted his contact info.

When you need a remodel anywhere in the vicinity, if you hire Laurel Ridge Construction, you will NEVER work with anyone else again.”


Beth Drennan, J.D.

“Of the numerous remodeling jobs we have done in the past working with Laurel Ridge Construction Co., Inc. was the very best. Steve immediately came to our rescue when we had a leak causing extensive water damage in several rooms both up and down stairs.  He went beyond the call of duty by removing our valuables & furniture in the water damaged rooms for us.  We also felt comfortable with the demolition of several rooms to accommodate for their building a large new kitchen while we remained in our home in Florida.  Not only did LRB stay within the quoted amount on several projects in this house, but constantly consulted with us when it came to problems or questions regarding any challenges or possible mandated changes. As with all projects time is always questionable, however, we felt they were able to complete the various jobs within the time frame we had set.  We highly recommend their workmanship!!”   


Howard & Linda Dunlap-Blowing Rock

“Let this serve as a recommendation for Steve Marchese and Laurel Ridge Construction Co,Inc..   I have many years of experience in commercial development, but this was the first time we had attempted to construct a new residence. In commercial development, it’s not unusual for a contractor to include in his estimate only what is on the architectural plans.  Anything omitted can become a costly change order once discovered. I, therefore, approached this project, on a challenging sloped lot, with more than a little trepidation.

It turns out I had nothing to worry about. Throughout our project, I was impressed that Steve had thought to include items in his estimate that were not in the plan details;  touches I wouldn’t have thought to ask for until construction were complete. With his experience building in the area, Steve was also a great sounding board when picking finishes, or deciding between different materials.  He didn’t try to influence the process, but was a trusted guide.

Finally, it was our intent to build a very energy efficient home and construct along “green” guidelines.  While some contractors we talked to told us it was a waste of our money, Steve understood its importance to us and helped us to evaluate different mechanical, window and even solar systems. He became a partner in the process and not just a vendor.

I highly recommend Steve Marchese and Laurel Ridge Construction Co, Inc. as contractor who takes time to know their customers and become involved in the project along with them.”


Christopher J. Daly 729 Romany Road Charlotte, NC 28203

“To whom it may concern: I hired Laurel Ridge Construction Co. to do a renovation that was extensive and had an element of time sensitivity.  Steve was able to put together a contract that was thorough and flexible, allowing us room for any unforeseen events.  Being long distance from the project, Steve was efficient and communicative, and we finished ahead of schedule and on budget.  Steve and Denise make a great team, I can recommend them for your next project.”

Matthew Kucera, CIMA, CFM

First Vice President

Wealth Management Advisor

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“We have built a number of custom homes over the last 25 years and our experience with Laurel Ridge Construction has been the most rewarding in all respects.  Their attention to detail, concern for the customer and quality of build is exceptional.  Although anyone can advertise “service after the sale” for Laurel Ridge this is a way of life.  They set the standard for excellence, value and reliability.”

Michael and Sarah Kearney. Greensboro, NC 336-286- 3565

“Dear Steve,

I want to alert you that I emailed a picture of you and the gang at our post construction celebration at our High Peak home. It’s a picture that I’ll prominently display in my office to remind me of the truly rewarding process of remodeling the house. You, Denise and all your subcontractors made the experience memorable and totally satisfying. 

When we undertook the remodeling job, I don’t think any of us could have predicted all the twists and turns associated with tearing into a fifty year old house – but you did a commendable job. I appreciate your foresight anticipating what issues would arise, and ever better, how to solve them. I failed to appreciate this aspect of the project when we started, but I do now, and your experience was vital to the success. 

I also want to commend you on the subcontracting partners you brought into this. I really reel that each of them took a personal interest in this project and cared very much about how it would turn out. As you know, we spend a lot of time with some of them, and they were unfailing in their efforts to give us a quality product.. Their willingness, with your support, to make changes midstream was unusual, and they were never flustered by all the surprises. The entire team’s “can do” attitude made this project more enjoyable than any I’ve undertaken.

Our summer/fall home in the mountains is a big part of our life. We’ve come to see it as much home as our Texas home. So, getting it right was really important to us. Thanks to you, its right, and for that you have our heartfelt thanks.”

Very Best,

David and Sue Hart


Thank you so much for everything! You and all of your crew was such a pleasure to work with! We are so happy with the way everything turned out!

We hope we can work with you again when we get ready to tackle the downstairs..

Jake Caw and I hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!”

Best regards,

Laura and George

“Dear Steve,

Angela and I are thankful for our beautiful and well-built home. We take this opportunity to thank you and Denice for your patience, attentiveness and hard work in building our home at Laurel Ridge. Your attention to detail, ability to work closely with us to incorporate ideas and changes to our satisfaction with absolutely minimal disruption, and to insure all our special requests were addressed to our satisfaction, have been exemplary.

Throughout the construction, you showed a strong desire to ensure that we, as the homeowners, were happy with the end result. From roof pitches, exterior siding and stone work to interior hickory floors and cabinetry, hand crafted passage-way transoms, wood accent foyer ceiling and stairway, the craftsmanship and quality put into our home in second to none.

The the past few weeks, we have had many positive comments and compliments on how well and beautiful our house was built! We do no hesitate to recommend Laurel Ridge Home Construction to anyone looking for a quality builder.”


Andy & Angela Kowalski

“We couldn’t have asked for more in a builder! Steve is very responsive to his customer’s needs and easy to contact. He truly builds a custom home and gives you the opportunity to make many decisions, but at the same time is also more than happy to offer his professional advice when asked. A testament to the type of high quality home that Steve builds is in the many compliments that we receive, on everything from the structural integrity of the home to the accents and finishing touches. We would recommend Laurel Ridge Home Builders to anyone in the market to build a new house!”

“Thank you for all you have done for us! Our remodeling experience has been such a pleasure and we feel so fortunate to have you as our builder! Thank you for all your careful attention to detail and going the extra mile! We are thrilled with our home!

All  best wishes for the New Year!

Virginia and Hugh